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Is cremation a real or valid funeral option?

Yes. Individual funeral homes vary in the memorial packages they offer but you can have a full, traditional funeral service with cremation or a simple, private memorial service just as with traditional burial.

Can I bury my urn? Do I have to use a vault?

It depends on the type of material your urn is made from. A brass, porcelain, or wood urn require a vault as those materials are not designed to withstand the elements and pressure of the earth. However, cultured marble and stone urns can withstand being buried directly. If you have a stone urn with a lid, a sealant should be used to adhere the lid to the urn prior to burial.

Can I be buried with my spouse, family member, friend, or pet?


What is the difference between a cremation society and a funeral home that offers cremation?

Cremation societies focus on disposition and direct cremation at a low cost to the client. Funeral homes concentrate on service, tribute, memorialization along with cremation.

Are pre-need plans available for cremation?

Yes. Most if not all funeral homes and cremation societies offer pre-need plans for cremation.

William A. Colson, President, CEO

Margie Colson, Co-Owner

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